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A Half-Century of Service

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A Critical Component of a Better Connecticut

A look at the UConn Health Center’s history and accomplishments reveals an institution that benefits its home state in countless ways.

UConn Health Center – A Technology Leader

The past 50 years have witnessed rapid advances in information technology and communications, and the Health Center has been at the forefront in every area.

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The University of Connecticut Health Center is celebrating 50 years of making Connecticut a better place to live, through teaching, healing and scientific discovery.

Many people now living in Connecticut probably don’t remember a time when the University of Connecticut Health Center didn’t exist. We’re used to seeing that distinctive building on its Farmington hilltop, visible from miles around. We take for granted that our bright young people have the opportunity to attend nationally renowned public schools of medicine and dental medicine. When we read about amazing research taking place at the Health Center, we’re not surprised. And when we have a medical or dental problem, we’re accustomed to having an abundance of expert professionals close to home to care for us.

Yet the UConn Health Center, which has become so much a part of the fabric of our lives, exists today only because 50 years ago a group of people foresaw what a profound, positive effect such an institution would have on the people of our state. Now, the 50th anniversary of its founding, is the perfect time to take a fresh look at the Health Center—its origins, its accomplishments and the countless ways it enhances the quality of life in Connecticut.